Ticket Payment


Please don’t transfer money to us, before we inform you about the availability!

We work together with the company Transferwise. This is a safe online payment system, similar as PayPal but cheaper. It works very easy and we recieve the payment within 2 working days. Below you will find the step by step instructions.

  1. Go to the website www.transferwise.com.
  2. On the right side you see a block with ‘you send’ and ‘the recipient gets’. Change the currency behind ‘you send’ to your currency, for example EUR or USD. And change the currency behind ‘the recipient gets’ to IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).
  3. Fill in below ‘the recipient gets’ the amount what you have to pay in Indonesian Rupiah so for example 400000. Don’t use comma or point! The website automatically calculate how much you have to pay in your currency.
  4. After this calculation you can also see the costs of this payment, for example 2 EUR. The costs can be different per day, based on the actual rate.
  5. Click now on the green button ‘Get started’.
  6. If you already have an account you can log in. If not you can easily login with your Google or Facebook account or make a new account.
  7. After login you have to fill in again the correct currency and amount in Indonesian Rupiah and click on the green button continue.
  8. At the second step fill in your personal details (name, date of birth and contact details, address). And click on continue again.
  9. In the third step you choose the option ‘transfer to someone else’.
  10. Fill in the next details:
    * Account holder name: Rozi Kurniawan
    * E-mail: waru.karimunjawa@gmail.com
    * The BIC/SWIFT code is: BRI Kantor Pusat (BRINIDJA)
    * Account number: 003801000593563
    * And click on the green button confirm
  11. At the reference field, fill in the date that you arrive in Karimunjawa and click on confirm again.
  12. Choose your way for the payment (for example; banktransfer, creditcard, ideal). Fill in al your payment details and complete the payment. In general within 2 working days we will recieve the payment.
  13. Please send us a proof of the payment by e-mail waru.karimunjawa@gmail.com so we can buy your ticket immediatly.
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